9 Best AI Headshot Generator

So, you are expanding your network and checking out the best options. This is when you realize that having a professional-looking headshot is essential and important.
Imagine a situation where capturing and saving a professional-looking headshot is essential to ensure a strong first impression. But, it may only be affordable for some to hire a professional photographer. Then you sift through many photographs but cannot find the best option for your headshot. You realize you are missing many opportunities and have experienced setbacks because of a non-professional headshot.

That is where you would find it practical to look for other means to help create a perfect-looking headshot. That is where an AI platform can be of huge assistance to you.
With a huge advancement in artificial intelligence, creating a powerful and professional AI headshot to your benefit has become extremely easy. If you are looking for the best AI Headshot Generator, here we go with a few prime options that can be handy for you.

What is a Headshot Generator?

A headshot generator is an AI-based tool that helps you generate digital portraits that appear to be real photographs. These tools use artificial intelligence to generate an individual’s face and work with the best photorealistic features.

The AI Headshot Generators are quite effective for multiple purposes, such as creating digital CVs, logo designs, updating corporate profile images, and much more. These tools work with machine learning algorithms to produce as many great results as possible. The technology of AI Headshot Generators offer the best image quality and has been gaining popularity over the years.

You can work wonders with professional-looking photographs without needing assistance from an expensive professional photographer.

How Does an AI Headshot Generator Work?

The AI Headshot Generators create the photorealistic image based on reference images provided by the user. The reference images are used for training the generator so that the AI Headshot can be easily generated. They make use of generative AI to produce images.

The AI Headshot Generators generally require multiple photos of the user clicked from various angles. This helps the generator to analyze the facial features of the user and thus provides you with a top-quality output and a realistic headshot.

How exactly AI image generators work is based on the model used for training them. However, the basic principle remains the same.

9 Best AI Headshot Generators

Now that we have gained an insight into what an AI Headshot Generator is and how it works let us check out the best AI Headshot Generators available that you can rely upon for the best possible top-quality results through the use of artificial intelligence.


Dreamwave.AI is a great tool that assists you in creating AI avatars with different outfits, backdrops, and hairstyles. It can even let you create AI avatars of your pets, making it an even more interesting option in 2023.

Dreamwave.AI is extremely capable of handling what it does. It brings the most out of the best photography by providing you with the best of inferring the best possible angles. The tool is created by experts who have been trained by MIT and Google Brain. It is designed to bring your best and make you look your best.

Key features

Unlimited options for hairstyles, outfits, and backdrops. A great means for perfect headshots and portraits.
It can also help you create team headshots. That can help you create a new profile picture comprising your team members.
Military-level data integrity solutions and security features
Multiple pose angles supported

Custom AI model that is completely personal to you.
Excellent realistic photos and headshots
It just takes 10 or more photos to learn your facial features
Highly affordable
Quality may vary and may not meet your exact expectations
Pay $39 for 40 photographs. The website states that this is a limited-period offer. Ensure you get the most out of it before the offer closes.
My Verdict
I loved it because of its ability to create high-quality AI headshots of humans and pets. So, if you are a pet lover and want to have a host of unique shots of your beloved, this can be the right tool. Yet another feature I would appreciate is its high-level data security infrastructure.
StudioShot is another popular AI tool that straightaway does what it promises. You can choose among multiple styles, a few being LinkedIn, Real Estate, Executive, Charcoal Gray, Bright White, and many more. The intuitive interface and an array o advanced features make it easy to work with. The tool lets you adjust the parameters such as lighting, aperture, and shutter speed per your preferences.
The tool also features an extensive collection of presets and filters. This can go a long way in assisting you in working with different AI styles and effects. The customizable templates on the tool should be a great means to help you create professional-quality albums and portfolios.
Key features
It helps you with effective background removal to make your headshots more professional in appearance.
Skin smoothening tool to help you remove any imperfections on the skin
Color correction ensures that your images look natural and appealing
The object removal feature lets you remove any unwanted objects from your headshot.
A huge range of editing tools to help generate images with a more natural look
Easy to use and simple to navigate
It also offers tutorials to help you understand the tool better.
The team supports unlimited touchups.
It takes a long time to get your photos. It can even be a few days which can get annoying.
You can choose a style, but no outfits or background.
StudioShot comes with multiple pricing options to choose from. The pricing is based on a per-person basis.
1 – 5 members – $29.95 per person. This includes infinite touchups.
5 -20 members – $21.75 per person.
More than 20 members – You will need to ask for custom pricing
My verdict
The exceptional professional editing is what I liked the most about the tool. Of course, it has a few cons and flip sides, but it can be affordable for your headshot generation needs. I found that it could give me a few outstanding and realistic shots. If you are a business that needs the headshots of a team of new employees, StudioShot should be the perfect pick that you can go with.
HeadshotPro is what I love the most when it comes to perfect-looking headshots. In fact, it was my saving grace when I was about to create a headshot for my networking needs. It just needs your reference photographs and creates some wonderful headshots that one cannot tell apart from the actual shots.
What makes it even more professional is that it can generate images and headshots of your teammates. Simply upload the selfies of your teammates and make them part of your headshots! The tool claims to create as many as 120 headshots for a single user. High-end optimization helps achieve lifelike headshots with correct color, focus, lighting, etc.
Key features
It showcases a truly powerful facial recognition efficiency
A huge list of customization options, such as background and hairstyle.
A very simple and easy-to-use interface.
Faster results and quality outputs.
It delivers high-quality images that can be used for a variety of purposes
Extremely user-friendly and easy to use
The server deletes all the photos and other details within a week. You may also decide to delete them instantly.
You need to upload as many as 20 photos as reference images, while the competing tools are done with 10
Eye color correction is not up to the mark
The pricing is in tune with that of the competitors.
$29 per shoot for 40 headshots. You can avail of only one style
$39 per shoot for 120 headshots. You can make use of two styles
$59 per shoot for 240 headshots. You can make use of 6 different styles
My verdict
I found the image quality of the headshots produced by HeadshotPro to be quite outstanding. The styles and other options that the tool offered tend to be much more impressive. Yet another best feature is that it provides you the full ownership of the images produced.
Aragon is your best bet for all your needs in Headshots requirements. The handy tool can be is useful in converting your ordinary photographs into powerful headshots. The faster retouching can be achieved in just under half an hour. You need to feed in around 12 photos as reference images into the software.
One of the features that made me fall in love with the tool lies in the fact that it offers a faster turnaround time. Of course, you do not get the professional quality of editing on your final output, but we found them offer great quality when compared to most of the competing products. Aragon is a perfectly secure service with AES256 encryption and hosting.
Key features
It offers you a highly user-friendly interface that even newbies can use
You can enjoy highly customizable templates. This helps you create unique and personalized headshots in a jiffy
Access to a host of collaboration tools. This would make it a great choice for those working in teams or groups
It works seamlessly on mobile as well, making it easy to use on the move
An extremely affordable price tag
Effective and efficient editing and retouching capabilities
Multiple tools for effective skin smoothing, color correction, and blemish removal.
A minimum number of photos is required as the reference images
Multiple backdrop choices are available
No need for a huge technical expertise
No options for advanced AI editing tools or customization options
A few advanced features require a subscription
You have three plans to choose from. Pick the one that best meets your needs.
Starter plan – $29 per user. You get 40 high-quality headshots under that price.
Basic plan – $39 per person. Get 80 high-quality headshots as part of the plan.
Premium plan – $69 per person. You will get 200 high-quality headshots
My verdict
The faster turnaround time is what I love the most about Aragon AI. I found the headshots quite high quality. I got them in record time, and that is what made them a great option.
PFPMaker stands for Profile Pic Maker. It can be your best bet for superior-quality AI profile photos. The best part about the tool is that it just needs you to feed in a single photo as the reference image. The faster turnaround time is yet another feature that attracted me to the tool. It does not take much time but delivers your AI headshot in under an hour.
PFPMaker is one of the most powerful and user-friendly professional profile pic makers. The ease of use and efficient customization would make it a professional headshot generator. The tool lets you enjoy a headshot that effectively removes the blemishes. The wide range of customization options makes it further innovative. That was something a professional like me found truly innovative.
Key features
Highly efficient customization options that include background, lighting, and pose. This can help you create a headshot that creates a headshot exactly like you!
Powerful AI face recognition technology. This can go a long way in improving your facial features and removing blemishes effectively.
Ease of use and simple interface. That would make it easy to navigate through the different sections of the portal.
The tool is completely free to use.
Completely free AI headshot tool and that makes it a formidable tool for even those who are on a budget.
It is a great option for a user-friendly interface and the best customization options.
Faster turnaround time. Your headshot images will be ready in just an hour.
Facial recognition is not much advanced. The adjustments are not much precise.
The options are limited when you look at the customization options, even when it promises a good range of customizations.
The tool is completely free and does not come with any subscription charges.
My verdict
A high-quality AI-generated images output on a free tool should make it a highly powerful tool, in my view. Yet another feature that I found many interesting lies in the fact that it helps create your LinkedIn profiles with much ease.
If you are looking for a highly effortless means of creating your profile pictures, ProfilePicture.AI should double up as the right choice. The highly effective customization with lighting, background, or posing is a few of the parameters I fell in love with. You can choose different backgrounds, poses, and lighting conditions to make your profile pictures stand out.
The state-of-the-art AI technology that the tool works with makes it an excellent option for effective customization. It has the best AI image generator options to help you enhance your facial features, remove blemishes, and helping you add makeup. In fact, the tool does provide you with a great means of making use of the tool as the best personal makeup artist in your kitty.
Key features
A host of lighting options. The efficient features include enhancing natural, studio, and warm lighting.
You can choose your own background and pose in tune with your requirements.
A powerful AI photo I found the best for improving your facial features and helping remove blemishes and any imperfections.
An enhanced makeup addition with the best efficiency.
It provides you with a wide range of options that include lighting options, backgrounds, and poses. This helps you create completely customized headshots to meet your needs.
The powerful facial feature enhancement and removal of blemishes.
An intuitive editing interface
You will need to pay for high-resolution downloads
Customization options are limited
ProfilePicture.AI does come with different pricing options.
Small – $6.40. It can pick up to 12 different styles.
XL plan – $11.80. It can pick up to 35 styles
All Plan – $19.80. It can pick up to 900+ styles
My verdict
I liked the tool for its ability to create headshots for professional images for the best social media profiles. The ease of use and stress-free performance offered by the headshot generator should make it one of the most powerful features I found interesting.
MidJourney is an excellent and powerful tool that has become one of the most efficient AI-driven tools for headshot generation. You do not need to wait for a perfect shot; you get high-quality headshots almost instantly. The use of advanced image processing technology helps you get access to the best image outputs. The tool has been one of the most powerful AI text-to-image generators with the right text prompts.
The project is managed and handled by a group of 11 members. What makes it even more interesting is that it is entirely self-funded. Do note that the tool is run on the Discord servers – making it a little annoying to use it.
Key features
It helps you create innovative images through your imaginative ideas
Provides you access to mind-boggling results in an instant
An option to refine your images to your complete satisfaction
It is known for dream-like and artistic image creation.
Provides you access to a host of realistic and high-quality images
Offers you four variations of each of the images
You do not need any artistic talent to use the tool
You can have access to multiple artistic styles
Customer support is not up to the mark
Available only through Discord
MidJourney is available under three different pricing options. You can avail of it at $10 per month, $30 per month, and $60 per month. You can also make use of the free trial option to get used to the tool.
My Verdict
The image generation offered by MidJourney is quite worthy enough. I found it offering extremely a host of content in tune with your individual prompts. However, since you have to use it through Discord, that is something I found quite annoying. In any case, being a self-funded venture, I would really appreciate it.
Craiyon is one of the most promising tools for creating the best headshot images. It helps you create stunning images with ease almost instantly. The AI technology helps you transform text into images in a single click. You need not worry about creating multiple images and editing the photos for hours.
The tool was earlier known as DALL-E mini. The tool was created by Hugging Face and Google researchers. It is a free tool and does not need you to share email addresses or sign-up requirements. It can generate as many as 9 images per prompt which you can further adjust for efficient headshot generation.
Key features
It can produce high-quality images with an astonishing detail
You just need to have a creative idea, and that is enough. You do not need to have any technical expertise
It can generate images for social media profiles and other commercial purposes.
The generators offer you multiple background options available
Entirely free to use
You can upload your photos or even edit them
Get access to very high-quality images
User-friendly and straightforward
It is not as robust as the other similar AI Headshot tools
May work slower at times
It is a completely free tool. You do not even need to subscribe or use an email address.
My Verdict
Craiyon is an entirely free tool, and that is exactly what makes it the prominent digital art option for on-the-go requirements that you may have in headshot generation or any other image generation requirements. I found it useful in cases where I needed quicker image generations. However, for a full-fledged application, it isn’t a tool that I would recommend.
HeadShot AI
Headshot AI is one of the most promising and amazing AI tools for a professional-looking headshot generation. With Headshot AI by your side, you do not need to worry about wasting money or time. You just need to upload your image, and you will get your headshots in just under a couple of minutes.
Headshot AI supports multiple formats, and that is one feature that I found quite practical. A few of the formats supported would include .jpg, .webp, .png, and .heic. The output does look quite natural. And yes, I liked the security features on the service quite praiseworthy. All your images and other details are deleted automatically within 30 days.
Key features
You can feed in around 20 photos of the user as a reference to get the best facial recognition possible.
All the avatars represent the real you. The natural look of the images is quite pleasing.
Efficient functionality in creating realistic headshots.
An excellent way to create a headshot even without technical know-how
Easy to use and offers simple navigation
It can even help you change your outfits and hairstyles with ease
We did not find any cons
The AI Headshot AI comes with multiple pricing options.
Intern – $21 per person. Get 7 profile photos in small size
Professional – $35 per person. Get 40 professional shots in 4K and 7 profile photos, along with 7 portrait photos
Executive – $59 per person. Get 30 professional shots in 4K, 15 profile photos, and 15 profile photos
My Verdict
It can be your one-stop solution for all your needs in professional-looking headshots in just under a few minutes. I found it a promising option for a faster headshot generation.
My Thoughts: Benefits and Drawbacks of Using an AI Headshot Generator
Generating content using AI may appear to be an easier way out, but there are several parameters that may make it something not much desirable. There are several benefits as well as drawbacks that may make it a little annoying to use AI image generation.
In my view, one should follow some ethics when generating content using AI. Perhaps, it can be something that would steal the creativity of a photographer or anyone involved in a creative job.
That apart, a few of the benefits and drawbacks that I observed with the use of AI in image generation include
Benefits of using an AI headshot generators
Ai generators can produce high-quality art styles and realistic images
They help the artists when they are stuck with the lack of new ideas
You can create artwork even with no knowledge of art.
Faster generation of a large number of images
They can also work as image editing apps.
Drawbacks of AI Headshot Generators
The quality of the AI-generated AI headshot images may not be of high level in every case. Sometimes, the resulting images may not much realistic or natural
They carry a security risk wherein your information may be stored on their servers.
The AI images can be misleading at times.
I would treat them as a good option for photo editing, but at times they can give results that are far from real.
In Conclusion
The AI Headshot generators on the market can be a great means for creating high-quality images. There are several efficient headshot generator tools, and they have created a huge niche for themselves. I would assume that the list of options outlined in the above discussion would greatly assist your needs.
Cannot find the best AI image generator? Check them out and share your inputs and experiences with us.
What makes a good headshot?
A good headshot is the one that shows you in your natural spirit. It should be shot so that the focus is entirely on you. Other parameters, such as your hairstyle and clothing, should matter.
Are AI image generators a threat to existing artists?
The AI image generators are a threat to artists. Apart from stealing their work, it can also copy some of their unique styles. It is to be noted that the AI models are trained on a huge set of data, and no AI language model divulges any information on where this data is sourced from. That would mean some of the styles of the artists may be used by the AI tools without any benefit to the artists. The AI generators use the data available online, and that can be a threat to the artists.
How do I turn a picture into a headshot?
If you have one or more pictures of yourself or anyone else, you can simply feed them into any of the AI headshot generators that you find reliable. The tool will convert the image into headshots based on the accuracy of the images that have been fed into the tool. It may be noticed that some tools may require 10 or 20 reference images of one user. Using AI to generate headshots has become quite popular of late.
How did I choose these AI art generators?
The prime factor I focused on when picking the best AI Headshot generators is the quality of images I could generate. The closeness to the professional headshots generated by the professional artists is another factor I considered. The last but not least factor that I focussed on was the ease of use and the ability to create images without hassles.