8 Best Bitcoin Mining Softwares In 2021

Bitcoins have gained an enormous reputation because of multiple factors: ease of trade and highly increasing values over the years. Serving as an alternative to the currencies circulated and authorized by the governments worldwide, Bitcoins saw the light of the day in 2009, and little did everyone know about their stellar journey – by becoming one of the most coveted tokens of wealth.

It is worth noting that Bitcoins are not created. Parties either trade them or mine them. While Bitcoins can be traded for physical money, many individuals still prefer mining to earn a good fortune.

When it comes to Bitcoin Mining, you cannot do it alone. As a miner, you become a sort of Bitcoin Auditor – for monitoring transactions and verifying them. When you are done with 1MB worth of transactions, whether it is one or a thousand, you become eligible to earn Bitcoin. But what makes it possible?

BTC Software

The simple answer is the efficient technological systems that help you execute your function as a Bitcoin Miner. When you become the first to solve a numerical problem among a vast community of other miners, you pass one step of earning bitcoin. It would help if you had competitive machinery and software that is fast and efficient and produces the correct answer for the numerical.

In this article, you will come across the Top 8 Bitcoin mining software you can choose from and be a successful miner!

Prerequisites of Bitcoin Mining

Bitcoin Mining needs both hardware and software. The mining software connects with the Bitcoin blockchain from the hardware you’re using. That is why it needs to be wholly competitive and efficient. Commendable mining software is the pride of a bitcoin miner, and thus, it is not something worth compromising.

Before starting the actual process of mining, you also need to have these elements ready with you:

Bitcoin Mining Wallet – This is where you keep your bitcoins. A wallet ensures secure storage of bitcoins so that you can later exchange them for legal tender money.

There are two types of wallets. One is of host nature, and the other uses keys for security. The second type is advantageous, and many people recommend it. Some of the best Bitcoin wallets are – Breadwallet, Copay, and Armory.

Choose a Bitcoin Trading Platform – The interface that will help you for mining bitcoins is an essential source for your revenue. Like Bitcoin Compass UK and many other apps, you can mine bitcoins and trade them for cash later on. But first, you will have to acquire functional mining rigs.

Best Bitcoin Mining Softwares


Rated among the best bitcoin mining software, EasyMiner is a versatile software that can run on Android, Windows, and Linux. It can connect with your cryptocurrency wallet. It can mine Bitcoin, Litecoin, and more, but it is only functional with Windows and ASIC mining hardware.


  • It is easy to use, is open-source, and does not demand many resources for mining.
    You can mine other currencies as well.
  • The graphic user interface displays your performance which is easy to understand for a layman.
    It can mine bitcoin using CPU and ASIC or GPU (mining hardware) simultaneously.


  • It is time-consuming.
  • It does not display current bitcoin data.
  • It might have issues with antivirus apps.


Boasting enviable performance and versatility, CG Miner stands out among all the Bitcoin mining software. It can run on Mac, Windows, and Linux. Three types of mining hardware for CG Miner are GPU, FPGA, and ASIC. It comes with CPU Mining support.


  • Self-detection of new blocks.
  • Can adjust to a hash rate irrespective of size without any delay.
  • Exceptional fan speed control.
  • Stable performance.
  • Multi-GPU support.


  • Its Windows version faces issues in installation.
  • It is sophisticated; thus, people with basic preferences may find it difficult.


It is one of the most innovative yet straightforward mining software that comes with USB support and integrated programming for mining. It is open source and does not require complex apparatus to mine bitcoins. Just a decent internet connection, Bitcoin Wallet, and FPGA mining hardware would suffice.


  • Dynamic performance that fetches results faster.
  • It comes with a power-saving mode.
  • It prevents overheating of the system.
  • It is open source and does not require a valid license.
  • You can access it from Windows and Android.


  • Might face heating problems.


It has an intuitive user interface and is one of the most easy-to-use mining software. Multi miner counts as one of the best mining software for bitcoin with cross-platform support and graphical details.


  • Suitable for newbies as it has the most effortless interface with intuitive features.
  • Highly versatile- Can run on Windows, Linux, and Mac.
  • You can mine different types of cryptocurrencies besides Bitcoin.
  • Automatically mines most profitable or easy cryptocurrency.


  • It demands extra programming support for Linux and Mac.
  • You have to allow 1 per cent of the revenue to the wallet for using Multi miner.

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Awesome Miner

As the name suggests, this software boasts robust performance along with a reliable dashboard that displays your system’s progress through temperature and status. This system has centralized management that allows it to be super-efficient. It lets you track your profit and power consumption that keep your hardware’s health in check.


  • It manages over 50+ mining engines.
  • Quick system recovery through centralized management.
  • You can access the software from any device, like mobile phones, tablets, computers, etc.
  • Highly tech-savvy and comes with an all-in-1 Dashboard to track performance.
  • It creates custom triggers and actions.


  • It lacks support for macOS.
  • It is suitable for high-end clients.


It is similar to CGMiner, except for the fact that it is compatible with ASIC and FPGA. With the use of graphic cards, its performance becomes as smooth as butter. BFGMiner can run on Mac, Linux, and Windows, thus making it versatile. There is also an option for temperature monitoring. Furthermore, BFGMiner is smart enough to avoid linking to pools that aren’t reachable, conserving machine capital and increasing profitability.


  • Mines different cryptocurrencies at the same time.
  • Compatible for ASIC as well as FPGA hardware.
  • Versatile software; can be used on Mac, Linux, and Windows.
  • Fan speed control and integrated overclocking.


  • It is not viable with GPUs.


Being a graphical user interface (GUI)-based open-source frontend for mining software such as CGMiner and BFGMiner, BitMinter makes it to the list of top mining software. It is almost like EasyMiner, except that this software is compatible with Mac, Windows, Linux, etc.


  • It is viable with GPU, ASIC, and FPGA (mining hardware).
  • Versatile software; you can run it on Mac, Windows, and Linux.
  • Flexible software and easy to understand.
  • It does not ask for details before beginning.


  • You need to join a bitcoin mining pool to start mining with BitMinter.
  • It only supports the Bitminter Mining pool.


Unlike BitMinter, this software gives you the flexibility of pool mining or solo mining (for lone wolves, of course). It is compatible with GPU and works perfectly on operating systems like Mac, Windows, Linux, and more. It is suitable for experienced miners. It is listed among the best mining software because it renders high-end results and productivity through graphic cards.


  • It is compatible with Mac, Windows, and other operating systems.
  • Renders high productivity and has reliable performance.
  • It gives free access.
  • Flexibility in operation.


  • Lack of the ability to use the third party.
  • You can only mine Bitcoin with this software.
  • It requires 79+ and eight graphics cards for NVIDIA.

How to choose the appropriate Mining Software

No matter how efficient your hardware and software are, their combination should be a perfect match. Like BFGMiner does not support GPUs, so it would not be the appropriate technology, to begin with.

Convenience and Flexibility – It all depends on whether you are new to mining or an experienced person. Some mining software come with a built-in graphical interface, making them easy to understand and operate, while some are more complex to handle.

Overheat control – The efficiency of software also depends on fan speed control as overheating can cause blockage in the system or even ruin it. Thus, to avoid unnecessary breakdown of your machinery during mining, this aspect is essential. BFGMiner and CGMiner are apt for this functionality.

Multifunctionality – If you only want to mine bitcoin, then you can choose any software among the ones listed above. But if you are going to mine other cryptocurrencies, too, then avoid using DiabloMiner and BitMinter.

Bottom Line

The efficiency of any software entirely depends on the hardware you choose. The more suitable combination, the better the efficiency. Proper selection of such hardware ensures smooth operation and prevents your machinery from breaking down during crucial periods of mining that reduces costs. Production while using different software can vary from 10% to 15% inefficiency. For Bitcoin, always prioritize ease of use and speed, for not all are experienced, and complex interfaces might slow the process down for you. Try updating your software from time to time to avoid inefficiencies and delays.