How is Cash App Verification done

Do you know what Cashapp verification is? And why is it required?

Many of us are aware of the standard verification process. But why is it required in Cashapp?

Here is the rationale behind the same.

Cashapp verifies your account when you send or receive money more than the Cashapp limit. It helps to keep your cash secure. Cashapp asks your full name, address and date of birth during the process. It does the verification process before validating a cash card. It keeps access to all your information to avoid any problems.

Now, we will study the Cashapp Verification Process in detail.

Cash App Account Verification

Cash app account verification helps to increase the transaction limit. The basic transaction limit is $250 for sending and $1000 for receiving money per week. With the cash app verification, your sending limit can be upgraded to $7500 and no limits for receiving the money. Cashapp asks for the submission of full legal name, the last four digits of SSN and the date of birth. You get rid of the prior transaction limits after the completion of the verification process.

Cash App Payment Verification

Cashapp also provides a feature that notifies you after making a payment. This service keeps you updated about all your transactions. As a result, there are fewer chances of any duplicity. To secure your payments-

  • Go to the profile section of the Cashapp.
  • Switch on the Security Lock setting
  • Now, every payment will require a passcode.
  • Enable the Notifications feature
  • You will receive instant notifications after payment is made.

Cash Card Verification

Cash Card Verification is similar to account verification. You require similar documents to receive your cash card. The significant precondition here is that you should be above 18 years.

$Cashtag Verification

Currently, $Cashtag Verifications are not supported by Cashapp. It is easy to make account verifications. But Cashapp is not accepting $Cashtag verifications. Moreover, you will lose your prior verification if you change your $Cashtag, mail or phone number. Hence, you will need to re-verify your account.

  • Verification Badge

When Cashapp confirms the account, a blue verification badge appears next to $Cashtag. It is seen in the account’s profile view. However, it does not mean endorsement by Cashapp.

Keep an Eye on Scammers

Keep your account secure with Cashapp. Remember the following points to avoid phishing attempts.

  • Beware of scams if someone offers free money for a short amount, its indeed a fraud.
  •  The emails or notifications from Square will only have website links of you get an Email taking you to another website; Square does not send it.
  • Never reply to any emails from unknown persons or organisations.
  • The Cashapp does not require any security pin or SSN while making a payment or any purchase. Do not share such information during these transactions.
  • If you find any unknown activities in your account, immediately contact the customer care.


The Cashapp Verification process is done to secure your account. It is the essential step while enrolling in the Square Cash Service. The Cashapp verification process includes account verification, payment verification, cashcard verification and $Cashtag verification. All these are required to keep you safe from any hackings. The points mentioned above also give a brief introduction of what should be taken care of, to protect your account. Always keep them in mind and follow them. Don’t share any personal information with unknown persons or accounts. It may cause discomfort to your privacy.

Thus, you should be aware of all the aspects. For any more information, contact the cash app customer support.