Gyrotonics Exercise

Gyrotonics – A Comprehensive Guide

Gyrotonics is a movement system that focuses on improving posture and balance in addition to developing strength, speed, agility, and coordination. Its basic principle is that when your body is healthy and strong you are less likely to suffer from the common medical conditions associated with aging. Gyrotonics exercises are done on specially designed Gyrotonic …

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parkour extreme sport

Learning How to Exercises in Parkour

Parkour is an agility-based activity that involves moving with agility and speed, which are frequently described as parkour (park) by many athletes and more commonly known in gyms as “combativeness” by those wishing to develop fitness. It has been adopted by many people in the West, including celebrities, athletes, dancers, and sportspersons. The main aim …

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Martial Arts Performers

Check Out The Different Types Of Martial Arts

Martial Arts is organized systems and beliefs of fighting practiced for many reasons including self-protection; police and military applications; sport; personal, intellectual, and psychological development; and the preservation of the country’s intangible cultural heritage. They are also known to help improve physical strength, body coordination, flexibility, endurance, and speed. There are several different styles of …

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old man doing tai chi

Should You Learn And Practice Tai Chi In 2020

Tai Chi, also known as T’ai chi or simply T’ao piano, is an ancient internal Chinese martial arts developed for meditation, physical fitness, and health benefits. The word ‘Tai Chi’ comes from the Chinese characters meaning “wind, water, fire, and earth.” The primary objective of Tai Chi is to strengthen the muscles of the entire …

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