Should You Enroll Into MBA Courses In India

The global experiences portfolio at AIG Academy offers various exciting chances for students to experience and engage in worldwide issues to appreciate the complexities involved in worldwide management fully.

The first year of the course comprises core courses with potential room for one to two electives in the winter and spring quarters. You can get the cheapest online MBA in India courses with AIG. MBA students need to participate in and finish their one global experience to fulfill the global experience requirement.

The international experiences you have at AIG will broaden your perspective and change the way you lead — no matter where you end up. The Masters of Business Administration is a two-year post-graduate program under AIG Academy. You are one of the academy’s flagship programs. The MBA program endeavors to nurture students into influential business leaders who are well equipped to control the global business landscapes.

MBA Courses In India

The program is specially designed to provide the students with a comprehensive understanding of management’s various principles and effective business practices. You can enroll in online MBA courses with AIG.

As a way of providing the wealthiest learning atmosphere, notable faculties and experts from the nation’s top at AIG are an integral part of the institution and guide the students on the various aspects of management. Try the best distance learning MBA at your ease with AIG Academy. The program provides students with an apt understanding of the modern principles of entrepreneurship and business innovation.

Emphasis is also placed on developing the students’ leadership skills and management abilities to guarantee their employability upon completing the program.

The program’s formation is such that it provides the best exposure to the students related to the industry. AIG provides the cheapest online MBA course. The program offers a nurturing classroom environment that helps students become competent leaders of tomorrow. AIG Academy is a prestigious school of management in AIG.

It has produced numbers of managers, leaders, and entrepreneurs. AIG Academy is very famous not only in India but also in India for its quality education as well as placements. AIG Academy has been consistently ranking among the top MBA academies in India. AIG offers MBA equivalent courses that last for two years.

One can take up a program in General Management, PM and HRD, IT, and Marketing. Engineers who have excellent academic scores can also specialize in subjects such as analytics and cloud computing. These courses provide by AIG Academy are in top demand in the IT industry and also give a great start to one’s career.

You can get the best online MBA courses with AIG Academy. AIG Academy is a leading business Academy in India. Our mission is to create a platform that bridges the gap between academia and the corporate. AIG Academy has successfully built a powerful force of leaders in human resources, finance, marketing, and international business.

AIG is the best MBA online platform. The student-centric approach of the academy also strives to maintain quality. The two-year MBA course is made keeping in mind the national priorities and international practices. The MBA course is aligned with the recruiter’s expectations. The choice-based credit system gives the students an option of opting for courses depending on their goals and aptitude.


Can we get admission in MBA without clearing CAT, CMAT, or any exam?

Several private universities and MBA institutes offer direct admission to candidates based upon their academic or work profile. A simple Google search would be sufficient to find them. However, having a CAT, CMAT, or any other reputed MBA entrance exam score helps you to get admission to the best of the best institutes. In the long run, companies selecting candidates for recruitment also consider students with high scores for final selection.

Can final-year BBM students apply CAT?

Yes, final year BBM students who are appearing for their final exam or are awaiting their results can apply for CAT. In case of selection, you will have to submit a certificate issued by the Principal/Registrar of her/his College/Institute confirming that you fulfill all the necessary academic criteria required for admission to the MBA/PGDM program at the concerned institute.

Indian MBA vs. foreign MBA, Which one to opt for?

Choosing between doing MBA in India and MBA from any foreign university can be quite a dilemma for MBA aspirants. The answer to this question would depend upon your priorities and goals that you want to achieve by taking up MBA. There are the main aspects you should consider before making a choice. AIG provides the best MBA courses in India.

Is it possible to clear CAT without coaching?

Yes! Every year number of students crack the CAT exam without joining any coaching classes. The key lies in dedicating yourself to CAT preparation by devoting 3-4 hours daily. Design a well-thought-out plan for CAT preparation based on CAT exam format and syllabus and set daily goals and weekly and monthly goals. Take Mock tests and solve previous year question papers to evaluate your preparedness and make necessary changes to your CAT preparation strategy.

Does an MBA degree ensure a job?

Most of the MBA aspirants treat an MBA degree as a passport to a successful and rewarding career. Well, sorry to burst your bubble, but this is not true. MBA, like any other educational qualification, is just a degree and doesn’t guarantee a job. However, being a professional degree, the chances of securing a job post MBA are comparatively higher.

There are several MBA colleges and institutes that offer job guarantees and placement for their students. However, even after getting a job, you will still have to prove your worth by delivering professional goals within the committed timelines.