How OnePlus Marketing Strategy Helped The Brand Enter The Premium Category

‘OnePlus’, I don’t think there is anyone who isn’t aware of this brand. After all, OnePlus is a premium brand that creates android smartphones. Have you ever imagined how OnePlus have become such a big and well-known brand in such a short period, or what marketing strategies have they opted for that have got such recognition in the market?

Well, today, we will be discussing OnePlus’ marketing strategy. But, before discussing that, let’s look at some statistics:

Premium Smartphone Market Share – OnePlus Vs Apple Vs Samsung – H1 2020:

Research says that in the premium mobile segment, OnePlus has a 15% market share, Samsung 37%, and Apple has a 26% market share. OnePlus was placed third with a 15% market share, with the newly launched OnePlus 8 contributing to a majority of its shipments.

Collectively all three brands put together to have a 78% share of the market. The rest of the players like Google, LG, Huawei, Asus, Vivo account for the 22% share.

Top Selling Models in India Premium Smartphone Shipment – Q2 2020:

India Top Premium Smartphone Shipment market share
VIVO V19 15%

OnePlus 8 is acing in ‘Top Selling Models in India Premium Smartphone Shipment – Q2 2020’. And one of the big reasons behind it is its marketing strategy.

Let’s see how OnePlus get there :

OnePlus Marketing Strategy:

1. Influencer Marketing Made Wisely: Influencer marketing is a form of social media marketing that relies on endorsements and product mentions from influencers–people who have a broad social following and are known as experts in their field.

OnePlus established an influencing network of 117 people in one day, which helped at the same time reach a large portion of its TG. Suresh Raina, Mouni Roy, BeYouNick, and Anita Hassanadani were among the celebrities who posed with the OnePlus6 to generate buzz for the launch.

It has recently collaborated with Netflix India. The first look of the most-awaited Sacred Games season 2 was published by OnePlus India first. It reported that its product took photographs. This marketing strategy attracted many visitors to their social media accounts, including some of the series’s most ardent fans.

2. Offers Quality Product: The best marketing you can do is to produce a high-quality product. When it comes to marketing campaigns, the value of product consistency cannot be overstated.

Since Samsung and Apple are high-end phones with a sleek design, attempting to outperform them with a less expensive phone will only succeed if they maintain quality.

And that was one of the OnePlus’ most challenging jobs. How did they manage to pull it off?

OnePlus competed with larger brands due to a top-notch phone and favourable pricing, which dramatically reduced marketing costs.

3. The idea of putting the community first: Engaging with and maintaining a community is probably not as difficult as building one.

OnePlus also hosts OnePlus Pop-Ups, which allow members of the OnePlus community to interact and demonstrate that their opinions are valued.

OnePlus also hosted a meetup for 30 of its most active community members, allowing them to interact with the brand and express their thoughts. These things helped to create a trustworthy relationship between the brand.

4. Using a Hashtag to its full extent (#NeverSettle): OnePlus used hashtags combined with other social media tactics to communicate with its audience during its campaign.

#NeverSettle is a hashtag developed by OnePlus, and it has been used in all of its marketing campaigns.

5. OnePLus took online sales at the beginning without an offline store: The strategic decision to focus exclusively on online sales was taken at the beginning of the OnePlus marketing campaign.

Furthermore, by employing an invite-only scheme and an online shop, OnePlus could better control its inventory and prevent overproduction. This is an unprecedented strategic move for a product that is just getting started in a new market.

Now that OnePlus is on the stage of having offline retail outlets, it is in a strong market position and holds on the market.


OnePlus has managed to build a community of engaged, loyal consumers through a steady mix of content, influencer marketing, UGC, and gratification. Most brands refer to communication themes that appease the attention of dwindling generation. The OnePlus marketing campaign has many takeaways due to its cross-platform approach.