Tablet sales grew sharply in 2020, courtesy e-learning demands

The year 2020 saw a drastic change in life of each and every human. The way we approach towards work and education was badly affected by COVID-19 pandemic. To overcome this pandemic situation, there was a sharp increase in sales of laptops and tablet devices in 2020. As, these laptops and tablet devices has become the mode of work and education.

International Data Corp.(IDC): Report

The latest International Data Corporation (IDC) report explains how the demand and sales of laptops and tablet have increase drastically in last one year 2020. According to IDC reports, the Indian Tablet market grew sharply by 14.7% in year 2020. This big growth came courtesy several affordable tablet markers, as they post high growth numbers.

IDC Report for Indian Tablet Market, 2020

This growth in Tablet market space is allegedly occurs due to COVID-19 pandemic. Also, The pandemic kept people indoors for majority of year 2020. The reports from IDC confirms that sudden growth in Tablet market space was due to the demand for tablets for e-learning. The report also confirms that Consumer Tablet shipment made a drastic growth of 59.8% if compared to year 2019. However, the commercial Tablet shipment declines by 14.3%. This decline happens courtesy postponed government projects to year 2021.

Tablet sales: Drastic growth

There was an exponential growth in tablet market mainly under budget segment. The budget segment tablet cost somewhere around Rs 15000. This segment mainly compromises of Android based tablets. These tablet focuses mainly on basic functionality instead of high-end features. To understand, the Premium segment tablet notices an exponential growth of 72.3%.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite and Apple iPad 10.2-inches, these two premium tablet models attracted most the consumers last year. According to brand-wise market share, Samsung gains the most growth percentage. If compared to 2019, Samsung’s sales performance improves by 157%.

However, Lenovo stands with its 39% of total market share. Although, in commercial space, Lenovo sales declines by 15.1%Apple settles with 13% of market shares on third position. This is because the company struggled to maintain the supply-chain during the Lockdown period.

iBall falls down to fourth spot with just 4% of total market shares. According to IDC reports, iBall may have struggled drastically with supply-chain system during pandemic situations. Huawei ends the list of Top 5 players with last spot. Huawei gets a total of 3% of market share.

IDC Reports: Other details

According to IDC reports, a total 2.8 million tablet units were sold by from various market players during this pandemic situation. Tablets as a whole unit helped students and other professionals to carry out their business and work during this lockdown phase.

If compared to laptop, Tablets are way more handy. Tablets are one of the easiest way to host video calls. These can come handy while reading and taking notes, watching presentations, downloading other useful stuff, and more.