The SaniSprayer360 electrostatic Sprayer By Evan “The Biz” Is Making Headlines In The US And Worldwide

COVID-19 had made all of us extra cautious. Hand sanitization has become a trend; sanitizing places has also become a must. It is not only a trend, but a step to avoid the spread of the virus that has claimed many lives. Sanitizing apartments and places can be tiresome. That’s why Evan “The Biz” came up with the innovative SaniSprayer360 electrostatic sprayer.

Evan has come up with a new line of electrostatic sprayers to make facilities free from germs. These sprayers come in all sizes and make facilities safer and cleaner. His latest invention has become a headline not only in the US but also worldwide.

The SaniSprayer360 is a piece of high-tech science that makes Sanitizing easy. Large companies and schools can use it to create a hygienic environment. Evan has marketed the product successfully, and now the clients include Fortune 500 companies, hotel chains, airlines, and school districts, as well as the US military.

Sanu Pro is not the first company that Evan has founded. So, he knows how to market and hype up a product; he is going neck to neck with brands like Clorox and others. Evan’s goal behind the company was not only to profit with the sprayer but to help his hometown.

New York City has been Evan’s home, and it has a badly hit economy right now. It took a couple of months, and Evan came 70 with the SaniSprayer360. It makes disinfectants more effective and more efficient. The solution used in the sprayer has an actively charged solution and uses 75% less chemical to help eliminate germs and viruses.

The great thing about the electrostatic sprayer is, it is portable as well as cordless, which makes it handy to use. It can also disinfect spaces up to 40,000 sq ft. in an hour. Even though hundreds of businesses are closed due to hygiene issues, this sprayer can reopen many businesses.

Evan has a knack for taking a company to multimillion-dollar status. He has time and time again proven that he is a man of many trades. Evan is a successful developer, film producer, host, designer, manufacturer, mentor, and advisor. He is an ‘entrepreneur’s entrepreneur’; he is futuristic, and his business intuition is smack on.

You can check out more about this product and Evan by following the links below:

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