Top Reasons You Should Use Programmatic Advertising 

Programmatic advertising is not a new concept, so it’s not surprising that you already know what it is. It has gained popularity in a short period which is still increasing each day.

After reading all about programmatic advertising and its advantages and disadvantages, are you still unsure whether or not you should use it? Don’t worry. We’ve got your back. Here, we have mentioned the top reasons you should use programmatic advertising for your next digital ad campaigns.

Benefits of Programmatic Advertising

Programmatic Advertising Benefits

  1. Better campaign performance – The advertisers must know which audience group they want to target and where they can find them to get better results from programmatic advertising. Doing this will help display ads only in front of the audiences who are more likely to show interest in their brands. These data-driven targeted strategies are getting more success than the traditional ones.
  2. Increased transparency and control – The marketers get more transparency and control over their ad and audience with programmatic advertising than traditional ones. The advertisers can view which sites are displaying their ads, the type of consumer looking at it, and any additional cost associated with the process in real-time.
  3. Real-time optimization – Programmatic advertising allows advertisers to analyze their campaign in real-time and immediately make changes to it based on the feedback. Even the small changes in the campaigns can help improve performance significantly.
  4. Contextual campaigns – With this feature, marketers can control which Ad will be visible to which consumer and when. The only goal here is to show the right ad to the right audience at the right time. It increases the possibility of the target consumer clicking through the ad, engaging with the brand, and ultimately making a purchase. It is the most advanced aspect of programmatic marketing.
  5. Greater efficiency – Real-time optimization and contextual campaigns have increased the efficiency of digital marketing strategies. The advertisers can make real-time measurements of their ad campaigns and make adjustments to them. It ensures that the ad is running with total efficiency and utilizing the budget effectively.
  6. More user-friendly – Every marketers’ goal is to make their ads more appealing to their audience. They can use programmatic advertising platforms to design more personalized ads for their audience that fulfill their needs and expectations thoroughly. 
  7. Valuable insights – This aspect of advertising provides advertisers with some valuable insights about their ad campaigns. These insights can help advertisers make changes to their campaigns and know the performance of their overall marketing strategies.
  8. Greater targeting capabilities – All the features of programmatic technology mentioned above help marketers reach their ideal consumer for any given goal with more flexibility. It also increases their audience reach depending on their requirement and allows advertisers to retarget their audiences. It can encourage them to convert as only 2.35% of consumers convert on their first visit to a website.
  9. Better ROI – Programmatic targeting is considerably a cheaper method than the traditional one. It is because the reduced waste and robust targeting features are used along with these programmatic ads. Consequently, less money is spent on putting ads in front of the wrong audience.
  10. Automation – Most of the work like buying and selling programmatic ads is done by AI and machine learning. It saves advertisers much time, which they can use to create more effective ad campaigns instead of wasting it in negotiating to buy ad space. It also saves human errors and provides more detailed and accurate information.
  11. Reduction in Ad fraud – A good programmatic advertising platform allows its advertisers to effectively control the publishers they want to use for targeting the right audience. If it is not done right, a significant amount of ad spend is lost to empty clicks and invalid traffic containing bots.
  12. Access to more supply and demand – The advertisers publishing programmatic ads can easily reach out to the buyers and consumers in the market to increase their fill rates. The brand can expand or reduce its production rates as per the demands of its customers.


These are only a few of many reasons why programmatic advertising is gaining popularity in the marketing world. And why you should jump on the bandwagon with other advertisers too. Let us know your thought on this through the comment box.