Apple Lowers Down iPhone 12 Mini Production – Check Out Why?

According to media reports, Apple iPhone 12 Mini has not exceeded the expectation in US markets. As per latest report from Nikkei Asia, Apple is likely to cut down on the overall iPhone 12 production. The tech giant is likely to drop the iPhone 12 production by additional 20%. This 20% drop mainly consists of the iPhone 12 Mini version.

iPhone 12 Series: Manufacturing Numbers

According to reports, For the H1 2021, the company is expected to manufacture over 75 million iPhone devices. This number of iPhone will mainly includes latest iPhone 12 and older models. If compared with H1 2020, this production estimation is still higher. However, the estimated number is still lower that the earlier estimation of 96 millions.

iPhone 12 Series: Sales Number

To recall, the iPhone 12 series has already outperformed the previous generation of iPhone 11 series in US markets. The base variant of iPhone 12 series grabs the top spot with highest number of sales. Even the Pro and Pro Max variants are beating the last year’s Pro model in terms of sales. This iPhone 12 series has helped the tech giant to generate a revenue of USD 111.4 billions in Q1, 2021.

Beside reduction in manufacturing, the company is also looking to start the production of two new MacBooks on a large scale. According to reports, the company is likely to start this mass production in the month of May or June. The report also states that the new Macbooks are likely to feature a mini LED display. These Macbooks are likely to be power by company’s own silicon chip.

Meanwhile, the company is sill struggling with the sales of iPhone 12 Mini. However, thereafter company is still planning to launch a new iPhone 13 Mini this year. The company expects that this will surely help in boosting the sales of the new compact iPhone. However, as per leaks, the company has decided to skip the SE variant this year.

According to IANS reports, Apple is likely to start the local manufacturing of iPhone 12 smartphone in India. The company told that they are already manufacturing iPhone SE, the iPhone XR and even the iPhone 11 in the country. But still there is a long way to go. As we have to wait and watch, when will the production of iPhone 12 starts in India. Also, we have to see to it when will the company starts its production on large scale in the country.