Crypto Wallet ATS Gets Ready for Stock Market Listing; Awaiting SEC Approval

ATS wallet announces its plan to list their shares. At the start of November 2020, the company held a seminar to open shares at a very low price of $0.025 in the Arab emirates. The conference was well attended with a good representation from quite several countries. In attendance were also some of the major media and newspapers. This event held in Greece disclosed that ATS wallet share target would reach a minimum price of $1 before IPO scheduled for March 2022.

ATS wallet is exchanged with Kraken, which is among the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world. This is one of the reasons that has made the adoption of ATS wallet very easy for users. With the scheduled stock listing, ATS wallet is set to experience further growth resulting in increased stock price.

The ATS stock price has been experiencing a steady growth. Currently, the price is at $0.03 from the initial $0.02 and the bullish trend is expected to continue.

SEC Approval

As usual, the stock listing needs approval from US SEC regulators. Trusted sources disclosed that the company has already submitted the requirements for authorisation to the SEC offices by the time of writing of this article. The company awaits this approval that will be a big step towards its plan to go public.

Unlike direct listing, IPO listing requires intermediaries. Through IPO, a company transitions from being private cooperation to a public company. For this to happen, the company has to meet all the requirements set by the US SEC. Currently, ATS awaits the SEC decision on their submission.

High ROI

The initial (private) investors have a chance of gaining high returns when ATS goes public. When users buy ATS shares by participating in masternodes, they will enjoy two sources of profit.

The first source is the share value which will increase to sell 100% shares with a minimum price of $1 when IPO launches in 2022. The second profits source is from dividends; receiving dividends every six months by the ratio of the shares that you own. The masternode pump strategy ensures a profit of up to 90% per year.

Currently, the company lists trustworthy investors such as digital currency group, Blockchain capital, and Lloyd’s of London. So far, quite a number of private investors have been buying shares and holding in preparation for public listing.

Within the crypto-world, ATS wallet is referred to as the unicorn of technology because it’s the first wallet to introduce internal stocks through masternodes.