Gyrotonics – A Comprehensive Guide

Gyrotonics is a movement system that focuses on improving posture and balance in addition to developing strength, speed, agility, and coordination. Its basic principle is that when your body is healthy and strong you are less likely to suffer from the common medical conditions associated with aging. Gyrotonics exercises are done on specially designed Gyrotonic equipment which has been designed to replicate natural movements.

What Is Gyrotonics?

Originally originating in the art of ancient Greece, Gyro is a term used to describe the practice of balancing a body against an immovable object. The term “Gyro” actually comes from the Greek words Greek and tonos meaning weight and sway. This ancient art of balancing the body has evolved over the years to include movement patterns such as walking and running as well as jumping and swimming. Now recognized by many as an excellent technique to improve overall health, Gyrotonic exercises can also be used as a way to reduce body fat or simply strengthen the body.

As we grow older, our bodies begin to breakdown as a result of a variety of common medical conditions. These degenerative conditions have a dramatic impact on the quality of life of those suffering from them, and the impact can range from a small amount of pain to total paralysis.

The ancient Greeks developed many of the principles that are used in modern Gyrotonic. For example, they recognized that certain movements promote better balance, which in turn leads to increased mobility. They also developed the practice of breathing into the abdomen, which helps to relax the muscles and improve stability while walking or running.

How To Practice Gyrotonics

Today, people who wish to develop balance and mobility can learn a wide variety of movement patterns through Gyrotonic exercises. Gyrotonics equipment is typically designed to simulate natural environments such as running up a hill, walking on uneven surfaces, or balancing on a low hanging pole. However, Gyrotonic can also be practiced on a treadmill and on water.

Many people associate Gyrotonics with the ancient Greek civilization, but the ancient Greeks themselves did not use gyro. Although originally used the term for purposes of balance and maneuverability, later gyros is a generic term referring to a wide variety of techniques and body movements. Today, people from all ages and backgrounds are discovering the wonders of the gyro as an efficient and effective means of improving their overall health.

The practice of Gyrotonic is often referred to as “exercising your muscles,” because these body-building exercises are done by strengthening and sculpting the muscles located in the abdominal area, hips, and back. This practice increases flexibility and mobility, which are very important if you want to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Additionally, the practice of balancing your body against an immovable object, whether it is a log, a wall, or a table, or another solid surface, has many benefits for the spine and the entire body.

Final Words

There are numerous Gyrotonic products available on the market today to help people improve their bodies. Many companies have designed specialized Gyrotonic training kits to help you get the most benefit out of your workouts. Most of these kits include a set of instructional videos, DVDs, and a book on the art of gyrotonics.