How Will Technology Change In The Next 5 Years

Today’s technology will outline tomorrow for us, and it is not a quote from some famous personality, neither is it a dialogue from some movie, but it is a mere fact. Technology is the reason behind the world as we see today. Technology is the driving force behind the advancements in practically every field, sector, and industry.

Technology has evolved the way we live, we act, we work, we see the world. It would not be exaggerating to say that technology has molded the modern world. We are lucky to be alive in an era when technological advancements are growing through a magnificent age. But the young generation does not want to settle down with the existing technology.

Today’s technology-savvy generation intends to discover the next generation of technology. It is the human tendency to not settle for what they have but to seek what they can achieve. This is never dropping attitude of humans. To always discover something new, it has pushed us forward from inventing telephone technology to cloud technology, from the Internet to Artificial Intelligence, from the first generation of computers to today’s fast computing laptops. Humans have indeed come a long way. 

Technology will outline the roadmap for the future. The aspirations are high, and to satisfy those aspirations, we must leap forward in the level of technology we are using. We need state-of-art future technologies that can finish multifaceted and mind-baffling tasks. Below we have mentioned some of those future technologies which can shape the world for good. 

Space tourism

The technology required for space tourism is the most complex and detailed technology humans may have encountered. The future of space technology is already in an action stage as many companies indulge in developing these technologies. Just imagine this, the way we travel from one place to another place on earth; what if we can travel similarly to space and back. Companies like SpaceX, Blue Origin (owned by Amazon) & Virgin Galactic are frontrunners in the race of developing technology for space tourism. 

Space colonization

For decades, humans have dreamt of colonizing other planets. Hundreds of movies and thousands of books are made and written on this. This may seem like science fiction today, but the future is not so distant where this will be a reality. The option of space colonization is explored today because of the very nature of humans creating havocs now and then. Extinction level threats are looming on earth for many decades, where some of them are natural, others are human-made. Space colonization technology’s success depends on its framework, critical subsystems such as navigation systems, algorithms, semiconductors, sensors, and shielding against radiation. 

Self-driving technology

Driverless Cars exist today, but it is not entirely safe. So, there is a lot of room for improvements and modification. Driverless cars are the most anticipated future technology. Self-Driving technology can be used widely in the transportation industry. Its applications are many such as in cars, trains, lorries, and submarines. The motive behind developing self-driving technology is to decrease the rate of accidents and have minimum casualties in a case where it can not be avoided. It is going to be a mountainous challenge to develop such cutting-edge technology.

5G connectivity

5G Technology is already rolled in some countries, but most of the world is still using the 4G or its preceding technology. The goal to connect the whole world with 5G connectivity is a win-win situation for everyone. With the rollout of 5G connectivity, the need for 5G handsets is also increasing. The next generation of smartphones is developed with upgraded systems, sensors, chips, and frameworks. 

Artificial intelligence

AI already exists in our world. The algorithms of tech giants such as Google, Facebook & Amazon runs with AI-based algorithms. Virtual assistants like Siri, Google Assistant, and Alexa are proof that AI technology has developed so rapidly in the past years. 


3D Technology is one of the most fascinating and exceptional technology. The phenomenal growth in the field of 3D technology is notable. 3D based printing or manufacturing is an entirely different cup of tea when compared with 3D movies. While the core concept is the same, what differentiates 3D manufacturing is it can manufacture products in real-time. 3D printing is one of its branches, which is the most popular one. 3D food preparation is also a cutting-edge technology in development. Its applications are broad, and it can even be used in preparing food in space or on another planet. 

Robotic technology

The concept of robots is not new as it dates back to the Mid-20th century. The technological milestones achieved in developing robots so far is astounding. But the need for the next generation of robots who can work, act, and perform like humans but with much more efficiency, effectiveness in minimal time. The current generation of robots is used in warehouses, logistics, banks, travel guides, aviation, and other fields. But the expectations from the next generation of robots are high. From robotic butlers to robotic astronauts, the need for robotics technology is the necessity and demand of the future

Final Words

Apart from the above-given technologies, numerous others are emerging as future technologies such as high-speed transportation, AR & VR, Genetics modification, and many more. One thing is sure that the future generations will live in the most advanced era, surrounded by world-class technologies. So there is no doubt to say that the future of technologies looks quite bright and optimistic.