Everything About 100XCoin You Should Know

Cryptocurrency and its underpinning tech – blockchain technology, are the most significant innovations of the digital era. Its increasing adoption and influx of ever-increasing interest offer a multitude of opportunities for new innovators to create blockchain-based projects and solutions.

The latest to join the club is 100xCoin – a deflationary token ecosystem on Binance Smart Chain that promotes security and inventive products by leveraging transparency and innovation. A recent and more significant development in that front is the 100xCoins’ game-changing app – 100xAltbase.

100x coin cryptocurrency

Buying Alts – Never Been This Easy

The interest in cryptocurrencies as an investment is growing by the day, with major financial institutions, businesses, and individual investors dipping their toes in the crypto ocean. A large chunk of these investors are first-time buyers and millennials who see cryptocurrencies as the mainstream investment class, but most lack knowledge about the crypto space.

For these uninitiated investors, the process of buying Altcoins is daunting. From the steep learning curve of understanding cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, creating wallets, and connecting to crypto exchanges.

Noting the problem, 100xCoin came up with an innovative and pioneering solution. 100xCoin is going to launch 100xAltbase, an app that makes purchasing Altcoins easy as never before. Thus solving the fundamental pain point – the inability to buy altcoins easily. Using the app, investors can directly purchase altcoins with debit and credit cards. The user-friendly app will make the altcoin purchase process as easy as buying anything from Amazon or even more effortless. While the app will be great for new users, the app also suffices all the needs of established investors.

100XCoin plans to launch the Altbase app by May end. A significant portion of millennials’ investment portfolio includes digital assets. And with purchasing becoming more accessible, thanks to projects like 100xAltbase, we will only see the trend go upwards.

A strong community

100XCoin boasts an ever-supporting and strong community. The biggest reason for this success is because it brings in crypto experts and new investors to the same platform. Crypto experts educate newcomers and guide them to develop a better investment acumen. At the same time, first-time buyers use this knowledge to create a profitable altcoin investment portfolio.

What’s Next at 100xCoin? NFT Exchange And A Lot More

100xCoin has a lot more to offer than just an altcoin app. It is an entire ecosystem with various blockchain products on the Binance Smart Chain that will attract millions of users. Another upcoming dimension is the 100xRocket Launchpad, which will onboard future-looking and innovative BSC projects. While at the same time ensure that these projects are aligned with the core values of 100xCoin – transparency, sustainability, education, and supporting other communities.

Witnessing 100xCoins’ goals, values, and innovative drive, celebrities from around the world are vouching for 100XCoin. It has amassed endorsements from big names in NFL, MMA, Boxing, and entertainment who see 100XCoin as an excellent crypto investment.

100xCoin is set to create exclusive mutually benefitting collaborations with many of these athletes and offer unique NFT staking opportunities to the ecosystem. Similarly, it gives celebrities the opportunity to enhance their brands and broaden their audience base while embracing the new art form. Holders of the 100xCoin will gain exclusive privileges to own the rarest NFTs.

The Man Behind 100XCoin

100xCoin is the brainchild of Ken Llamas, otherwise popularly known as Ken the Crypto, in the crypto space. Ken has extensive knowledge about cryptocurrencies and has amassed millions of dollars trading cryptocurrencies. Being a crypto influencer, Ken regularly teaches and guides new investors and his followers about trading digital assets. Plus, he is the only crypto influencer to launch a coin on the Binance Smart Chain.

Cryptocurrencies are the hottest asset in the investment landscape, and the trend only seems to continue further. Most tokens are designed to solve problems, and the 100xCoin does just that. It brings more security, transparency, and ease of buying altcoins. It thrives on empowering the crypto space as a whole while supporting and benefitting the 100xCoin community. It’s an investment one should not miss!