[Fixed] How to access your Chime Debit Card?

Chime is a US-based mobile bank that provides fee-free financial services on your fingertips. Even after being a neobank, it enables ATM withdrawals which are possible through Chime Visa Debit Cards or Chime Mobile app. The card works everywhere where Debit Cards are accepted. There are no monthly account fees or minimum account balance requirements. However, Out-of-Network card withdrawal fees apply. 

If you are here to learn all about the Chime Visa Debit Card, then you have arrived at the perfect spot. Read the full article to get all the necessary information. 

Arrival Of Visa Debit Card

Your Visa Debit Card arrives after opening your Chime Spending Account. It is placed in your mail within one business day and takes about a week to arrive at your home address.

If you don’t receive your Chime Debit Card within the prescribed period, you need to contact Chime Customer Care.

  • Call Chime customer care number
  • Send your enquiry through mail
  • Use the Chime chatbot

Temporary Debit Card

Chime does not offer a temporary debit card but provides a full-featured deposit account. The account is an excellent substitute for these prepaid cards. Its Automated Clearing House(ACH) Network supports pre-Authorised withdrawals and Interbank Transfers.

Activate your Visa Debit Card

After opening a Chime Spending Account, you can activate your Chime debit card directly through the Chime app.

  • Login to your Chime account
  • Click the Card Status widget present on the top of the app
  • Here, you will see a button saying, Activate card
  • If you cannot find this option, ask the Chatbot to activate your card
  • In case of any queries, contact the Chime Customer Care

Turn off your visa debit card.

No need to worry if your Chime card is ever stolen or lost. Chime facilitates temporary blocking of your Chime Visa Debit card in such cases. Follow these steps to turn off your card-

  • Go to your chime app
  • Click on Settings and turn off Chime Card Transactions
  • You can also get a new card here-
    • Click Replace My Card in the settings dropdown

(Replacing your chime debit card is completely free)

    • Contact the Chime customer care if you face any problem

Visa Debit Card Withdrawal

Chime provides free access to 38000+ ATMs to its members. All these ATMs are fee-free. However, an out of network ATM provider charge an extra fee. You can also request a cash withdrawal by presenting your Chime Visa Debit Card in a bank or credit union. Any extra fees imposed depends upon the terms and conditions of the merchants or participating banks. 

Chime Debit Card Withdrawal Limit

The Chime Debit Card withdrawal limit is up to $2500 per day. It is done through ATM or Over the counter withdrawals. Chime members have free access to them. Making a withdrawal outside the Money pass and VPN network costs an additional fee of $2.50. It also depends upon the policies of retailers or the banks.

Bottom Line

Hence, it is clear from the above discussion that the Chime Visa Debit Card is easily operable. You can access it very quickly. Chime also makes it easier for its customers to block or replace the Chime debit card. No questions are asked for the same, and the process is entirely gratis. The charge-free and specific services provided by Chime makes it the best Digi bank. When you are with Chime, you don’t have to worry about any of the inaccuracies. All you have to do is, enrol as a chime member and begin with your transactions. The Chime will take care of all your financial tasks. It will assure smooth and faster transfers. Follow the correct method to get the best results. You are always free to contact Chime customer care in case of any disruptions.

Hope, you got answers to all your queries and are now confident enough to use your chime visa debit card. You can also reset the atm pin of Chime easily. Share your opinions as well in the comment section.