Warcraft: Crocs and Humans review

Warcraft: Crocs and humans game, which was released on 15 November 1994, is one of the most popular RTS games of all time. This is where it all started; this massive franchise contained everything, from comic books to movies, warcraft MMOs, and a failed adventure game. Warcraft 1 was developed and released by Blizzard entertainment; it was much like a clone of the famous game Dune II. Warcraft 1 was first released on MS-DOS and later on Mac OS too. The MS-DOS version was then re-released by Sold out software in 2002.

Warcraft 1 gameplay

You can select two characters from; you can either by the human inhabitants of Azeroth or the invaders, Orcs. Orcs are Humanoid monsters that are similar to goblins; these are known to be brutal and aggressive.

At the start of each mission, you have a new map, and you must gain and increase the number of resources you are provided with; you are also supposed to train your troops and throw them all against your enemy.

The game’s main objective is to build resources, train troops, and destroy the enemy’s base in the multiplayer battle, which will lead you to victory. There are over a dozen troop, spells, and building types for each side of the characters. The game can be controlled with both mouse and keys, either separately or collectively.

In the beginning, most parts of the map are blacked out; they only get visible when your players start exploring the territory. There is a minimap which shows you small details about both your and the enemy’s territory. Your domain is marked with green dots, and the enemy’s territory is marked with red dots.

Warcraft: Crocs and Humans review


Warcraft 1 was fantastic in its replay value since it was the first game with the feature of multiplayer gameplay, and not only just that but it was also the first game with a random map generator and level editor, so the game never actually became boring for anyone to play.

The game had excellent Artificial intelligence. It was probably the best in class at that time; the intelligence was not just about blindly attacking your base and easily defeatable. It analyzed your whole floor and looked for unique weak spots where it possibly can gain the upper hand.

The game’s music performed the cherry on the cake function; the music felt friendly and pleasant to the ears. According to that time, the graphics were on point; it will give you the feel of rugged terrain. However, the pictures of its successors were better, considering the date it was released on, the graphics were on point.

This game indeed had the upper hand over the Dune II’s gameplay since the game was better designed, the levels were backed by nicely done and logical stories. The computer could defeat you rather than just being a weak opponent that gave you a fake sense of victory.


The game controls are awful; you need to go through tons of options for moving a building, unlike the other game Dune II where all you need to do to move building was to select the object and then select the place you want it to be. On the other hand, the warcraft one asks you to choose the move option from the LHS menu and then select the drop place.

The game is biased towards the antagonist; the orcs have more powerful troops; they have these demons, which can cause massive damage to the soldiers and feed on humans for lunch.

This made the game lag behind its successors in popularity, but the game was all in all, generous and a bit ahead of its time.


The game is still good for anyone who wants to spend spare time playing nostalgic games; this game does not compete with the modern-day Real-time strategy games. This game leads to establishing a massive franchise, which leads to the reasonably popular 2016 movie ‘Warcraft.’

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