Top 5 Language Learning Softwares In 2022

Which is the best method for learning a new language? You are likely to get a wide range of answers if you ask anyone who speaks more than one language. Many tools can help you become fluent in a foreign language, such as classrooms, textbooks, and language exchange programs.

Language learning software has also become more popular recently. There are, however, differences between the software and the way it is taught. Choosing the best one depends on your motivations.

Best Language Learning Software

We spoke with two experts and tested six programs so that you can find the best resource for you, whether you are moving to a foreign country or brushing up on your high school Spanish.

Best Language Learning Software In 2022


Among the 13 languages offered by Babbel, some of the most challenging language learning software courses are found in Babbel. Furthermore, the course is one of the most popular language courses, so many people must find the approach appealing.

It is very user-friendly, and the lessons are broken up into bite-sized chunks of 15 minutes each. Although students can learn at their own pace, advanced students may feel that the course does not go far enough. Regardless, Babbel is a relatively inexpensive option.

The name Babbel comes from languages, just like Rosetta Stone. In any case, it comes from biblical history. The Tower of Babel symbolizes moving from a single, everyday language to one language today. Although it might not be historically accurate, it’s a good story nonetheless.


If you don’t want to spend $10 a month, Duolingo is a free app that offers a variety of language courses, including Klingon from Star Trek. You can create an account by choosing a language and choosing a country. The mobile apps for Rosetta Stone are also available, but you will not connect to live tutors.

Duolingo offers a gamified structure that rewards you with experience points (XP) as you complete sessions and even allows you to set goals. With an account, you can keep track of all your achievements online with an easy-to-understand dashboard that shows how much XP you’ve earned and the amount of progress you’ve made.

Though it is imperfect and can lead to instances where words are not pronounced correctly, it is affordable to learn many languages, such as Czech, Indonesian, Japanese, and Korean.


Is your homework too dull to think of that sentence? Do you want to use Google Translate for a quick answer? Deepl has taken the Google model and made it a lot more accurate.

Through the support for 26 languages and the ability to translate a wide variety of file types, Deepl will not just offer one solution to your sentence but also provide a series of alternatives and dictionaries for each word you type.

Users will choose between formal and informal speech with the pro feature. There will be no more embarrassing email mistakes!


There are eight or nine tiny games designed for each of the seven languages they teach. They help you practice your vocabulary, grammar, and listening skills. Short, simple lessons outline the concepts. After digested, the games practice the concepts or test them to see if they have been mastered.

With Mindsnacks, you can track your progress so you can see how much learning you still have to do to reach proficiency. Even though it is such a fun app, even if you master a skill, you can still play more games to practice!


Busuu offers 12 languages. You can use the app for free, but to unlock the course materials and most of the features, you will need to pay $17 a month. You will go through simple dialogues and questions about them as you learn individual words. You will also be able to listen to native pronunciations of each of the terms as you know each one.

Students learn skills and expressions associated with specific tasks in lessons organized around topical themes. The courses also include a mini “travel course” for students who need a quick refresher before travelling abroad – very handy!

The advantage of Busuu is that native speakers can be engaged in your learning process. Busuu learners correct texts created by other students who study their language and contribute their native language skills as part of the platform. The desktop version of the venue even provides real-time chat with native speakers.

You can earn “berries” to study and contribute to the platform as a teacher. These points are used to rank students based on their activity. So if you are a points and badges addict, this may be the right place for you!

What to Look for in Language Learning Software

Does it represent real-life scenarios?

To achieve fluency in a foreign language, a learner must focus on sentence structure, grammar, and lexis. Teaching students language expressions will relate to the real world and make language learning more realistic. By presenting scenarios, learners can put themselves in those situations to know what to say when they are actually in that situation.

An integrated learning ecosystem

Think of the most basic requirements for every learning experience. As an instructor, you are responsible for teaching content, administering assignments and exams, providing insights into student performance, and setting up student file sharing.

Your program director, teachers, and the administrative team should be able to use software that performs the daily tasks required of them. It is essential to look for a language learning LMS that provides students to deposit assignments, track grades, and track program progress.

Software that addresses more essential functions will make it easier to determine which one is right for you.

Activities That Engage Students

Language learning takes a great deal of time, persistence, and dedication. Despite this, the process can still be enjoyable. Using a language learning platform that is effective will allow students to keep motivated and interact with their classmates through chat functions. This is the best software with interactive learning activities, such as games, quizzes, and virtual rewards for completed modules.

Real-time reporting

Often, students cannot determine whether they are making actual progress when learning a new language without a tangible evaluation. Effective language software can provide insight and track student progress. By doing so, students can better identify their strengths and weaknesses. This feature can track students’ progress and the institution’s development.

Recognition of speech

Although students often master many vocabulary terms, speaking a foreign language in public can be difficult. It is essential to have software that allows students to practice speaking since pronunciation is crucial to language learning.

Students can improve their pronunciation with speech recognition software that analyzes their speech and provides instant feedback scores that indicate precisely where they need to work.