How To Recover A Wet Laptop Immediately

If you’ve just spilled water on your Acer laptop, time is of the essence. You don’t need to worry about the matter because it can be solved quickly. Taking some proper steps, you can recover the laptop from the damage. You absolutely must turn off the laptop immediately and unplug it without wasting any time. Then you can take some necessary steps to recover your laptop. In this article, we will talk about how you can fix Acer laptop water damage.

If you follow some simple steps that will help to fix the water damage to your laptop from home.

Wet Laptop Repair

Steps to Follow For Wet Laptop Emergency

Suppose you are eating while using your laptop and slipped water on it. Then these are the steps you have to follow to fix the laptop.

Detached Components

As we said before, first, you have to turn off the laptop while you are fixing any water damage issue. After that, you have to remove all easily detachable components from the laptop. If you are using an external mouse, unplug the mouse, all cables, remove any flash drives and DVDs, and leave your laptop bare.

Dry your laptop

Now you have to dry the outside of your machine (the laptop). Then open the laptop as far as it goes, hold it upside down to let any accumulated liquid drain out. Then you can use an absorbent towel or a lint-free absorbent fabric to wipe wet surfaces until they’re dry. You have to keep in mind not to dry the computer with forced hot air from a heat gun or hairdryer.

At this point, you can take advantage of the warranty if it’s still applicable for your laptop and take it to the repair shop if you want. If you are capable, then separate all the parts and fix the laptop entirely by ownself.

Separate All Parts And Fix the Laptop

You can separate all the internal parts of your laptop and dry them all individually to fix your laptop from water damage.

Remove Battery

As you have disconnected the power source of your laptop, remove the battery from it. Now make your laptop upside-down and remove the battery by lifting it out of the laptop by the side closest to the switches.

Takeout All Screws

Keep your laptop upside-down and find all the screws on the backside of the laptop. Use a screwdriver to unscrew and open the back cover of your laptop. You have to separate the keyboard after opening the back cover of your laptop. Now you have access to the internal portion of your laptop through unscrewing.

Extract Parts

Now you need to extract all the internal chips and parts from the motherboard of your laptop. You have to be careful while unscrewing and removing the cooling fans. Extract all the small components and chips from the inner side of your laptop.

Check Wetness

You have to examine each component you’ve removed to check for any sign of wetness or corrosion. You need to dry all the parts from the inside of your laptop. Use a clean toothbrush dipped in 99% isopropyl alcohol (circuit cleaner) in order to wipe it. This will dissolve gunk without causing liquid damage and evaporate without leaving a sticky residue.


Once you have cleaned everything examined and sure about you’ve brushed away any signs of corrosion, leave everything alone to air-dry for two to three days in a warm, dry area. You can use a fan that will hasten the drying process of inside components. But keep in mind that not to use a hairdryer, because that could cause static problems.


Once you’ve picked your machine apart and given the components time to dry, now it’s time to reassemble the laptop. You need to drop the motherboard with the processor and cooling assembly into the appropriate notch. Reverse all the processes you have followed to separate all the connections and chips. If you’ve reassembled the laptop in the correct order, you should be able to power up your laptop for reuse.


These are the straightforward process that you should follow to fix your Acer laptop’s water damage. If you follow the steps, I hope to help your laptop recover from water damage issues. By any chance, the damages are a lot more due to spilled water you can go to the repair shop to fix that.