Mariia Syrotiuk, a Ukraine Born Girl, has Established her Name as a Successful Entrepreneur in the US

Mariia Syrotiuk, popular as Meriel, is a Ukraine-born girl, who has established her name as a successful entrepreneur in the US. She started running her own business at just 16 and she would sell branding items after ordering them from overseas. It made her earn $1000 when her parents were just making $300 per month.

Meriel invested in a lot of endeavors and took many risks. Many of her attempts went in vain but she didn’t regret and kept her focus on moving forward with a hopeful mindset. She launched her brand of men’s accessories on Amazon but it got blocked without any compelling reason.

However, Meriel didn’t give up but instead, she invested in Bitcoin and the Forex world, which only brought her loss. After this, Meriel started taking MUA classes to launch beauty tutorials on Instagram and she managed to grow her popularity.

Meriel decided to leave her parents’ house at 19 and rented a place in town with her boyfriend. Everything was going well at that time but it was not what she wanted in her life. By keeping a will to explore the new world, Meriel decided to move to the US with just $20K in her pocket.

It was not easy for her to settle in the US as she confronted financial stress and many other struggles. Meriel didn’t know English so she took English classes at the College of Charleston. As time progressed, she started losing money and her survival became difficult in South Carolina.

After using a major portion of her money, Meriel went to New York to find a suitable job to earn living. People advised her to return to Ukraine but she didn’t allow their talks to enter her mind. Meriel got a job in a watch company in the Diamond District and she took the company to a new level with her intense efforts.

With time, the courageous girl started building new links and connections which helped her expand her circle in the entrepreneurial world. She received good popularity on Instagram and also she witnessed a huge demand for her work. Unable to cope up with the high demands for her work, she decided to hire quality workers for outsourcing. And she also opened a marketing agency to help businesses grow.

Due to the speedy growth of her network, Meriel’s team expand her business operations in New York and Los Angeles. The outbreak of the Covid-19 applied shocking breaks on her businesses but she thought of innovative business ideas to carry forward her entrepreneurial journey successfully amidst the Covid-19 pandemic.

What she has done is not possible to do without a courageous mindset, innovative thinking, and a hunger to succeed. Now, she has kept her eyes on moving forward and invest her time as well as efforts in real estate.

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