Wardrobe Design Guide – Sliding Wardrobe or Swing Wardrobe?

A wardrobe is a long-term purchase and requires additional brainstorming and proper planning before opting for the best cabinet. Most people find it difficult to decide whether to go for wardrobe sliding fitting or swing wardrobe. This blog will discuss the advantages of both sliding and swing wardrobe fitting that will surely help you decide which makes better sense for your wardrobe.

Sliding Wardrobe

These are a bit new compared to their counterpart and are currently in trend due to the variety of designs and efficient storage capacity this wardrobe sliding fitting offers. These doors got their names due to their movable nature and ability to glide with the channels’ use at the top and bottom end. If you plan to have wooden sliding door fittings in your bedroom, it is best to have three or more sliding doors.

Advantages of Sliding doors

Lengthy wardrobe

These sliding doors are ideal for a lengthy wardrobe and offer plenty of room for things like clothes, hideaway luggage, accessories, and other stuff. With such a spacious closet fitting inside your bedroom or anywhere in the house, the need to have additional storage becomes minimal. The sliding mechanism of the door doesn’t hinder the movement in the room.

Elegant design

No one will argue that these doors’ elegant design adds a luxurious feel to your wardrobe and creates ample space in the room. Sliding doors with mirrors on the door provide both style and efficient use of the door.

Variety of styles

One of the most significant advantages of having these sliding doors is that they are available in various styles to match any room’s decor. With sliding doors, you can opt for different designs, finish, ranging from veneer to mirrors, and give a unique feel to your room.

Space utilization

For effective utilization of room space, there is no match to these sliding doors. These fitting sliding wardrobe doors ensure streamlined movement inside the room and minimizing the need for additional storage space.

Swing Doors

These are the most common types of doors where the door is attached with hinges’ help, and the door swings around it. These are conventional wardrobe choices and are available in L shape, triangular, and pentagon wardrobe. These types of doors are a traditional choice for wardrobe fittings and can be customized as per requirement.

More visibility

One of the most significant advantages of swing doors is that they offer a better view of the wardrobe, so people still prefer these fittings. Hinged doors do not conceal the one side of the closet like sliding doors.

Ample hanging space

The next significant advantage of having swing doors inside your bedroom is that they offer better hanging space inside for your suits, shirts, jeans, and accessories such as bags, belts, etc. can be hanged to the back of the door.

Low maintenance cost

The low cost of maintenance makes them useful for prolonged use and ensures the hinges stay in top shape with minimum supervision. If the hinges start making a cracking sound, it’s time to oil them, and they are new as before.

These are some of the benefits of both sliding and swing wardrobe doors that a person should consider before planning for any of them. I hope this blog has helped you in deciding which is a better option for your wardrobe.