Top Job Oriented Programming Languages

You may know many programming languages like C, C++, Java, Python, R, and others. Also, you might be interested in a few, but like all, you might be a bit confused. 

  • Which programming language should you know? 
  • Which programming language is used mostly? 
  • Which programming language will lead me to highly paid jobs?

So let’s see all about programming language. Every programming language is different and is suitable for something specifics, but not so good in others. So many programmers, beginner or experienced, prefers to be proficient in more than one language. 

Looking at the IT sector’s current scene as a programmer, you must know C and C++ language. It is based on the programming world. If you are good at it, then many programming languages can be learned by you quickly. But even if you don’t know, that is not an issue.

Java and Python are the most preferred languages in many companies and organizations. It is mostly used in Google, Facebook, Netflix, and others. You can get job opportunities in these companies if you are proficient in Python or Java.

Even if you feel like to learn many languages, but you should never do so. You should be first proficient in one programming language and then move on to others, and if you learned all, you might end up like the saying “Jack of all trades, master of none.”  

The lists of the top job oriented languages are discussed below. According to the job perspective, these languages are recommended as top programming languages by the market and IT sector survey.

Suppose you want to join a prominent and well-known company like Infosys, Wipro, Cognizant, IBM, and others. Then it would help if you were well acquainted with the following languages and expert in one or as many you like. 


Java is a programming language that can be used in various ways. It is similar to C ++, but it is much easier than C++ and compel an object-oriented style in programming. 

Java can be used to build applications that are used on a desktop or can be distributed between servers and network clients. Also, many apps and web applications are developed using Java.

Many businesses are using Java. Java is Android’s favorite language. The most famous programming language in the world is none other than Java. In programming, Java is one of the oldest languages. Sun Microsystems developed it in 1995 based on C and C++ syntaxes. Java now belongs to Oracle. 

Java is a class, competitor, and object-oriented programming language. Initially, it had little reliance on execution, which contributed to the phrase ‘you write code once, but run code everywhere.’ 

It means that without the need to recompile code into a compiled Java code, it is in the place to run on each of the mapped Javas. 

It is recorded that 9403 companies use Java in their software stacks. The most famous Java companies are: 

  • Uber
  • Airbnb
  • Google
  • Pinterest
  • Netflix
  • Spotify
  • Amazon
  • Slack
  • Instagram, etc.

Java is the most common language for programming. Many experts suggest that Java is one of the most powerful programming languages ever. Java is the popular programming language used and is developed for the internet’s distributed environment. 

The use, writing, compiling, debugging, and learning of JAVA is easy. It’s not as challenging as C++. 

It’s a language that focuses on objects. It enables you to build regular and reusable programs. 

Java is independent of the platform. Java code is used for any machine, but the JVM requires a machine to operate on the device. 

Distributed computing means that many computers operate together on a network. Java helps to build network frameworks that can accommodate the functionality of both data and application. 


Python has now overthrown Java and has become the most preferred programming language. With its vast in-built libraries, it makes it easy to develop many apps and web applications. It is also used in various fields like Data Science, Games, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and others. 

The Python language to generate very efficient scripts. For anything you can think of, and you can find a python module. Python is used almost everywhere and preferred to develop applications like

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest 
  • Spotify
  • Netflix, etc.

They are also preferred by many well-known companies like Google, Apple, Disney, and others.


A text-based client and server-side programming language that lets you interactively build web pages are JavaScript. JavaScript gives Web pages interactive elements that involve the user when HTML and CSS are languages that provide structure and style to web pages. The search box on Amazon or refreshing your Twitter feed are famous examples of JavaScript which you can use every day. 

The use of JavaScript enhances the web page’s user experience by transforming it into an interactive web page. To recover, JavaScript adds web pages to actions.

JavaScript can be considered as the most beneficial language for web-based applications. The framework, like jQuery, Angular, and ReactJS, has made Java very famous. As these frameworks are on the rise and many job opportunities are available, you must learn JavaScript; now, nobody can stay away from the web-based application.

It is used for client-side validation that makes JavaScript a number one language.


The C++ language often used in investment banking and other companies is another popular language. It is heavily used to build applications where performance is crucial to low latency exchange. 

Both C and C++ are legendary languages, and perhaps many of you know them from school or colleges. 

In the application domain, C++ is mainly used by programmers and software developers. It includes all essential parts required in a core language, which provides all necessary building blocks, including variables, data types, literals, etc. It has features like Inheritance, Polymorphism, Encapsulation, and Abstraction. For developing a comfortable and conceptualized application, C++ language is used.

C++ uses are basically for the intensive functions of CPU and provide control over hardware, and it is the fastest language so used widely in game development and game engines. The web browser, like Google Chrome, Firefox, Mozilla, and others.

C Sharp

C# is a modern, universal programming language capable of accomplishing a wide range of tasks and objectives covering a range of occupations. C# is used primarily on Windows.NET but can be used with an open-source platform. This extremely versatile programming language is a non-usual and relatively new object programming language (OOP), but already reliable and popular.

C# can create several different programs and applications like other general programming languages: Mobile applications, desktop applications, cloud-based services, websites, company software, and games. Although C# is remarkably versatile, it is widely used for the three areas.


Go is an open-source programming language for easy, reliable, and efficient software building. It is a programming language created by Google, which is also known as Golang. Go endorses multithreading brilliantly and is therefore used by many companies who rely heavily on distributed systems. Go is commonly used in Silicon Valley startups. But Indian companies/startups have yet to adopt it. Golang should be mastered by those who are interested in joining a Valley startup specialized in crucial systems.

The Go language guarantees the efficiency of codes, which means quicker tools and applications for companies. Golang has been embraced by businesses understanding the need for a lean and productive language. Any of the major corporations have achieved this:


Swift is the language used for programming iOS applications. iOS-based systems have become increasingly popular. For example, Apple iPhone has captured a large share of the market and gives Android stiff competition. Those who wish to serve this community can therefore learn swift programming.

Apple strives to have the best experience for customers and builds only the features worthy of attention. The Swift team is committed to developing the language to serve better the developer community that develops applications and systems with Swift. This is the best time to get started if you dream of studying Swift.


R programming language is the most frequently used data analysis and machine learning programming languages. R offers an excellent framework for developing powerful machine learning algorithms and built-in libraries. For general statistical computing and graphics, R is also used. Companies well took over r. Those who wish to join a large organization’s “Analytics” team certainly should learn R.

R is one of the most advanced tools. Now millions of analysts, researchers, and brands like Facebook, Google, Bing, Accenture, and Wipro use R to solve complex problems. We can see the use of R in banks, e-commerce, banking, and many other industries. R applications are not limited only to one sector. 


PHP is one of the best-known programming backend programmings 

languages. Although PHP, Python, and JavaScript face tough competition, numerous PHP developers are still needed on the market. Those who wish to participate as an advanced developer in a reasonably old organization should learn PHP programming. R programming is used to develop and design vehicles, monitors, weather prediction, and others.

In the beginning world, Python and JavaScript are hot. Most companies are using their backend frameworks Django (Python), Flask (Python), and NodeJS (JavaScript). JavaScript and Python are easy to learn and, therefore, the best programming languages for beginners to learn. Also, both offer a vast market change. Those who seek a change in employment can, therefore, also consider learning it. 

In the corporate world, Java and PHP are a hot commodity. Many organizations use the web backend framework of Spring (Java) and CodeIgniter (PHP). 

In the world of data analysis, R is preferred. These are the languages to learn if you want to develop a career in data analytics or data science. 

In the construction of low latency and scalable systems, C/C++ and Golang are the top choices.

You will be in excellent condition for your career development, even if you learn just one programming language, except the one you use every day. Right now, the main thing is to accomplish your goal and do everything possible to hold to it. If you want to be an expert in any of these languages, come and join 3RI Technologies and walk towards a bright career. Enjoy Learning!